Donald’s Bad night in Tulsa

After the crushing disappointment of his Tulsa rally, the King of Lies and Excuses is already warming up a doozy of an excuse for the more and more likely outcome of the general election.


@realDonald Trump

(Did anybody ever tell this guy that it’s not necessary to SHOUT online?)

The burning question, “What will Donald Trump do if he loses reelection?”  has definitively been answered by the man himself.

He’s just getting a little bit ahead of the game by winding-up the lies before the pitch.

Of course the only candidate who has demonstrated any inclination to seek and accept help from foreign countries is the man himself, who only avoided impeachment for that very crime because his gutless co-conspirators control the Senate…for now.

This is the classic Donald Trump “tell”…or one of them.  Anything he claims is being done to him is something he is actively doing himself.  Like a three-year-old with his hand in the cookie jar, he doesn’t even try to be believable. “Cookie? What cookie? You ate all the cookies!”

When coming up short in the reelection lottery, most presidents grieve in private, then turn their attention to planning their library and leaving an inspiring note for the next Oval Office occupant.

In Donald Trump’s case, I think we can expect a display of lawless petulance by which even his worst history will pale.

He might take that opportunity to have a few hapless flunkies shot by executive order for treason; or he might provoke a war with North Korea.   If somebody doesn’t hurry to lock-up the nuclear codes, the whole world is in big trouble, because Donald doesn’t like to suffer alone.
My theory is that he will try to create some huge and probably horrible distraction while he and his traveling circus of vampires saddle up the ponies and head out on Airforce One to an undisclosed location.

In the wake of his departure, as the Bidens cautiously enter the White House, looking under the couch cushions and in the cellars will be a little like checking-out Saddam’s palaces after the fall.  You never know what secret horrors they’ll find.

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  1. I’ll guess Bildado and the DiGenova/Toensing crime couple are part of the spectacular success of trump undermining democracy in the US.

    So proud (not) to have these creeps associated with VT.

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